Removing PFAS from public water will cost billions and take time – here are ways to filter out some harmful ‘forever chemicals’ at home.

What about beetroot’s other apparent health benefits – from reducing your blood pressure to improving your daily workout? Here’s what the science says.

For people with mental illness, drugs and alcohol can be a key survival strategy. I’ve learned they shouldn’t have to ‘get clean’ to get treatment.

Western medicine is the world’s only medical tradition that does not harness an invisible healing force or energy. In the East, there is prana (yoga) and qi (acupuncture, tai chi), but in the...

Retirement can be an exciting but also scary prospect for many. How you fill your time is totally up to you, but with so many choices it can be a bit daunting.

The hidden risk of letting AI decide – losing the skills to choose for ourselves...

Researchers from Lehigh University have developed a new quantum material that could significantly revolutionize the efficiency of solar panels.

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